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Transmission fluid for your Toyota Tacoma lubricates the moving parts inside of your Tacoma's automatic transmission, as well as being used to create pressure the transmission needs to operate. Being exposed to the high temperatures inside of the transmission can ultimately result in the fluid breaking down after some time..

When I purchased the vehicle, the color of the fluid is a clear amber color. Then I looked at my owners manual and it says to use ATF Dexron II or Dexron III. Well, the color of Dexron is RED. So there is a discrepancy in color between the fluid listed in the manual and the fluid in my Tacoma when I purchased it.Check Vehicle Fit. Transmission Fluid 4 Speed Automatic Transmission; Application Temperature: Year-Round; 1 Quart. Manufacturer's Defect Warranty. Flash Point (Deg C): 201 Degree. Flash Point (Deg F): 394 Degree. Pour Point (Deg C): -42 Degree.

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Senior Member. Join Date: Mar 2016. Location: Massachusetts. Posts: 1,183. Quote: Originally Posted by 1000MPH. I've been replacing the Power Steering fluid with Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF using the turkey baster method every oil change or so for about 3 years. At first, I repeated it several times while moving the steering wheel lock to lock.P Dexron III®/Mercon® Performance ATF 100 1 Severely refined, hydroprocessed paraffinic distilate. 75-85 2 Additive system containing proprietary formulated ingredients. 9-14 3 Other minor additives. <1 Eye Contact - Flush with water for 15 minutes while holding eyelids open. If irritation persists, get medical attention.ATF Dexron III ATF Dexron III is an automatic transmission and power steering fluid. It is recommended for use in General Motors automatic transmissions pre 2005 and in other automatic transmissions where Dexron (II or III) or Mercon performance is required. Applications : ATF Dexron III is recommended for many transmissions used in General Motors cars, Holden, Isuzu, Opel and Hydramatic ...

I know you probably don't want to hear such a basic answer. Personally I would look in the owners manual. If the manual doesn't specify or the manual isn't present, I'd call the service department at the local toyota dealership.GMNA-9986555. The GMNA-9986555 is a new required fluid for the "Dexron Approved" Mobil 1 Synthetic LV ATF HP. This modified fluid was first offered in GM Technical Service Bulletin 18-NA-355 in December 2018, with the goal of decreasing torque converter clutch shudders in the GM 8L90 and 8L45 automatic transmissions after a full system clean.Sep 28, 2010 · This should take the T-IV (Mobil 3309) dino ATF. The Toyota T-IV is considered an inferior fluid that turns brown in as little as ~20K miles according to BITOG discussions. Castrol IMV, Valvoline MaxLife, Mobil-1 or other fluids suitable for T-IV should all be better. I however would not use Dexron VI in these transmissions.Valvoline DEXRON -VI/MERCON LV ATF is a full-synthetic transmission fluid formulated with advanced additive technology to meet and exceed the requirements of the General Motors DEXRON -VI specification. It is officially licensed and approved by GM and is fully back-serviceable and can be used wherever DEXRON -II and/or DEXRON -III are ...

Prior to 1994 AF2 DEXRON II MaxLife ATF, MERCON V, DEX / MERC, 1994-2005: All except as noted AF3 DEXRON III Import MV ATF 2006 and later: All except as noted AF6 DEXRON VI MaxLife ATF, DEXRON VI 2003-2008: Vibe All with Aisin (81-40LE) Transmission or AF33-5 Transmission TIV Toyota TIV MaxLife ATF, Import MV ATFMotoMaster Dexron III/Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid is a premium multi-vehicle transmission fluid. Formulated for use in passenger cars and light trucks that require fluids meeting GM DEXRON III or Ford MERCON spec ... Moto Master Full Synthetic DEXRON-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid/ATF, 946-mL. 4.8 (18) 4.8 out of 5 stars. 18 reviews ...Valvoline DEX/MERC ATF is a high-quality transmission fluid formulated to meet the challenging demands of many automatic transmissions. Its responsive low-temperature fluidity is beneficial in both electronic and hydraulic controlled transmissions and transaxles. Recommended for use in the following applications: MERCON , DEXRON -III, Ford ... ….

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When I purchased the vehicle, the color of the fluid is a clear amber color. Then I looked at my owners manual and it says to use ATF Dexron II or Dexron III. Well, the color of Dexron is RED. So there is a discrepancy in color between the fluid listed in the manual and the fluid in my Tacoma when I purchased it.Dexron is the brand name of transmission fluid manufactured for General Motors vehicles; Dexron-II was released in the 1970s, and Dexron-III was released in the 1990s. Only one ver...Valvoline MaxLife ATF, AMSOIL multi-vehicle ATF are both Dex III rated and safe to use in our trucks. _____ 2001 SR5 4WD Build Thread 2007 Honda Accord J30A5 Reply With Quote ... I would be wary of DEX6 because the VIBE is excluded. The Vibe is a Toyota Engine/Trans, and specs Dex3/ATF just like our rigs... so I'm wary. ... Atf Dexron Ii Or Iii

Shop for Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Gallon with confidence at Parts are just part of what we do. ... Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, VW & Audi vehicles. Recommended for use in: GM DEXRON-II, DEXRON-III, DEXRON-VI, and DEX-CVT; Ford MERCON LV; Toyota/Lexus Type T, T ...71Corolla. Dexron III and Mercon are the same fluid/same specs only the name is different. If you want to get picky, there are probably somewhat different additives depending on the fluid and if it is specifically designed for Ford or GM. ---edit --- I like to use a synthetic fluid that is Dex compatible, mainly because I don't change the PS ...Toyota is recommending Dextron Type IV to replace the Type II recommended in the owner's manual. 1977 FJ40, 1995 FZJ80 (x2), 2000 LX470, 2013 GX460. 2008 LX570-graduation present for number 1 daughter. 1994 FZJ80-graduation present for number 1 son. 1976 FJ40, 1980 FJ40, 1986 FJ60, 1989 FJ62, 2005 GX470.

b15 bus schedule pdf Genuine Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF (1 Quart) - Toyota (00718-ATF00) MSRP: $15.99. Online Only Discount: $3.48 (21.8% off) Online Price : $12.51. Add to Cart. Packages shipped within the U.S. and …Mar 8, 2012. #1. I am working on a friend's 2001 Echo, which calls for Toyota Type T-IV. I was looking at ATF options at Wal-Mart, and saw that Supertech Multi-vehicle formula meets T-IV, but so does the ST Dexron VI, which also meets Toyota WS. I decided to pick up 4 quarts of the ST Dex VI, because I think it's at least a partial syn, but now ... fj cruiser windshield replacementmarco's pizza coupons 2024 1434 posts · Joined 2005. #7 · Feb 22, 2012. Simple task. 1. Your '02 V8 2WD Tundra takes DEXRON-III transmission fluid. You can use any DEXRON-III, does not have to be Toyota. 2. The transmission pan drain plug is the rearmost of two drain plugs. The drain plug is a 14 mm hex and is torqued to 15 ft. lbs.FRAM Transmission Fluid - Dexron III / Mercon Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid: 1 Quart (Part No. As fluid as water. If the torque converter is not drained, it can take up to 3.2 quarts. ... How Many Quarts Of Transmission Fluid Does A Toyota Corolla Take. A Toyota Corolla will take approximately 4 to 5 quarts of transmission fluid ... sm465 rebuild The largest 4Runner community in the world. Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum > Toyota 4Runner Forum > 3rd gen T4Rs > Toyota ATF or Universal ATF DEXRON III?Mobil™ Multi-Vehicle ATF is recommended by ExxonMobil as suitable for use in many automatic transmission applications, power steering applications, and vehicle manufacturers including: •Allison: C4. •ATF: Esso LT 71141, Shell 3353, Shell 134, JWS 3309, Mobil ATF 3309, Shell 3403-M115, Shell M-1375.4, Shell LA 2634, Shell L12108 , Texaco ... nj wrestling regions 2024famous dead picturesproject sekai commissioned songs O'Reilly Conventional Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron III-H, Mercon 5 Gallon - 72409. Part #: 72409. Line: ORO. 4.8. (5) Check Vehicle Fit. shelby county inmate The manual says DEXRON III but alot of people here say only use Toyota ATF because of the special additive it has in it. Well the onlly fluid I can find is ATF T-IV and WS. I know the WS is for the new sealed trannys and the place selling the T-IV says "Do not use this fluid if your manual states your transmission uses Dexron or ATF WS".I use M1 full synthetic MV ATF in 98-02 transmission also in all toyota Power steerings, works great. M1 stated as compatible with Dexron II or III, which 98-02 calls for. In 03 Toyota change to recommending T-IV for which we have no Dexron equivalent recommendation I know of. In 2004 Toyota change recommendation to Toyota WS. rack and pinion inner tie rodbucks county concealed carry permitlx470 lift kit The correct fluid is Dexron III. Dexron is the trade name for the formula of ATF licensed by GM no matter who manufactures it. You can buy Toyota brand Dexron ATF if you can find it. Dexron VI synthetic ATF supersedes Dexron III, is compatible with it and can be used to top off transmissions with Dexron III already in them.Automatic transmission fluid in your Toyota Corolla is the lubricant for all the moving parts in the automatic transmission. Transmission fluid is also used to cool the transmission parts, and as a hydraulic fluid for shifting. Due to the amount of heat that is generated by automatic transmissions, the transmission fluid in your Corolla can ...